An exploration into the car culture that dominates Cape Town, JHB South and some other surprising communities from within South Africa. This show offers loads of spinning, drifting, racing, convoys, stance and car show action, but at heart Karbrasse looks at the people, families & communities behind South African car culture.

Genre: Observational: Sub-culture
Broadcaster/Platform: kykNET&Kie

Director: Thomas Holder
Producer: Clorinda Koert
Executive Producer: Wim Steyn
Content Directors: Thomas Holder & Stephanie Pekeur
Screenwriters: Thomas Holder & Emile Bosch
Editor: Emile Bosch
Cinematographers: Emile Bosch, Thomas Holder
Guests: Bronwen “Bronny” White, Elvis de Matos, Clint “Mase” Williamson, Ready D, Malikah Daniels, Insaaf Brenner, Shanstone Buys, Tariq “Chip” Moosa, Adrian “Ady” Lakay, Shahiem Bell, Nazzy Loonat, Jonathan “Johnny” Scaffers, Tina Roussouw, Natheer Moses, Quinton Basson
Year: 2024