A small-town “model boss” preys on the hopes and dreams of young girls. When journalists delve into the case, they uncover a chilling truth, revealing the predator’s crimes but also a sinister alliance with a media businessman.

Genre: True Crime / Investigative
Broadcaster/Platform: Showmax

Director & Screenwriter: Nikki Comninos
Producer: Elle Oosthuizen
Executive Producer: Wim Steyn
Line Prodcuer: Clorinda Koert
Editor: Kirsten de Magalhaes
Cinematographer: Charl Fraser
Project Manager: Minette van der Walt
Score: Schalk Joubert
Visual Effects & Titles: Mustard tv

Contributors/Featuring: Prof. Anni Hesselink, Bernadette Maguire Rothman, Billy Petzer, Cathy Heaton, Davlynne Lidbetter, Dominique Rensleigh, Fanus Beetge, Gertie Pretorius, Jana Marx, Nicky Falkof, Nwabisa Makunga, Sasha Schwendenwein, Seehaam Samaai, Shayna Daniels, Thando Hopa, Veronica Banks, Zanalee
Year: 2023