A Showmax Original true-crime series produced by Idea Candy and directed by Nikki Comninos.

A small-town “model boss” preys on the hopes and dreams of young girls. When journalists delve into the case, they uncover a chilling truth, revealing the predator’s crimes but also a sinister alliance with a media businessman.


Rosemary’s Hitlist

A true crime docoumentary series produced by IdeaCandy and directed by Valen’tino Mathibela.

South Africa is riveted by the trial of cop-turned-killer Rosemary Ndlovu, while she enjoys every minute of the limelight. Dark secrets from her past are revealed. Serial murderer – and police officer – Rosemary Ndlovu targets her closest family members in a gruesome spree to cash in on their funeral policies.


Stella Murders

STELLA MOORDE a documentary produced by IdeaCandy and directed by David Enright.

In 2018, two girls were found dead in their school hostel in Stella, a small town in the North West. This documentary from the makers of Devilsdorp tells the story of this tragedy – by turns heartbreaking and shocking.



Steinheist a 3 part documentary series is produced by IdeaCandy and directed by Richard Finn Gregory.
Steinheist puts all the pieces of the Steinhoff scandal together for the first time.
Using Financial Mail editor and author Rob Rose as our guide, we venture into the world of intrigue and scandal, playboy billionaires and lavish lifestyles, to get an insider’s view on how horseracing-obsessed CEO Markus Jooste allegedly caused the largest corporate implosion in South Africa’s history.



DEVILSDORP is 4 part documentary series is produced by IdeaCandy and directed by David Enright.

This project is the culmination of an 18-month investigation into how a small group of devout Christians attempting to help a former ‘Satanist’ flee the satanic church ended up in a murderous spree involving a killer mother, her two children, and a cult with more victims than members.

In 2016 a spate of brutal and mysterious killings grips the town of Krugersdorp. Is a serial killer behind these vicious attacks, and who will die next if the police don’t catch them?