IdeaCandy is a vibrant creative production agency, based in the heart of Randburg, Johannesburg. We focus on content solutions, produce quality LIVE programming and have the unique ability to combine truly talented individuals from various backgrounds to deliver a competitive and superior product, catered to your specific needs.

About IdeaCandy Production Agency

IdeaCandy is a production agency with the combined expertise in various fields (writing, content development, post production, directing, multimedia skills and LIVE television) makes it a wise competitor to be reckoned with.

We are focused on creating a product that suits every client’s specific needs – whether commercial or niche – guaranteed. We are involved in various fields of media (television, web, film, corporate) and pride ourselves in deadline-driven completion.

What makes us different

  • Experts in LIVE television & events
  • Specialists in developing new concepts & project start-ups
  • Focus on current affairs & news overviews
  • Informed narrative content
  • Budget savvy

Our Experience

Television production - 18 Years
Production & project management - 13 Years
Concept & Format development - 15 Years
LIVE TV Specialist - 13 Years
Content specialist in Niche markets - 15 Years